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CATS vs. Belmont

The final tune-up before Christmas break and the final game before the much-anticipated Louisville game, Belmont came into Rupp with something to prove. That it just wasn’t a fluke that Belmont had beat North Carolina on their home court. First half I was little worried along with the rest of the BBN.

Enter Julius Randle.

The BEAST that dominated in the early part of the season and then took some hits in the game last weekend against UNC, came back with a vicious attack with a career 29 points and 10 rebounds. Dude’s 9th double-double this year.

The pesky Belmont Bruins led pretty much the entire 1st half, and increased the lead to 11. Finally in the second half, that CATS mounted a come back thanks to the bench. Alex Poythress, Jarrod Polson and Dominque Hawkins gave great effort, and the CATS needed it. Missing their first seven 3-point attempts, Jarrod Polson finally knocked on down at the 8:14 mark in the 1st half. Hawkins came of the bench and was essential in his 22 minutes of play. Don’t let his stat line fool you: 2 points, 3 assists and 4 rebounds, but his play away from the ball and helping distribute the ball inside to the big fellows was crucial. Alex Poythress, who has received much criticism this year for being MIA, put together a decent line of 7 points and 5 rebounds in 18 minutes.

Shooting from the 3-point line was horrendous. 21% for the game, but going inside in the 2nd half proved to be more successful. 55% overall from the field works though. 52-34 advantage in the paint helped fueled the Wildcats to victory. Randle’s dominant inside play, and Willie Cauley-Stein’s contribution of 16 points and 7 rebounds proved to be a lethal combination. And not be outdone, Aaron Harrison has finally started coming into his own with another great game. 23 points and 7 assists from Aaron.

Now for the bad stuff. 3-point shooting was disgusting. Free throw shooting…um, 26-36. Seemed like they missed more, but the games that the CATS lost, just hitting those few extra free throws would helped us down the stretch. Hit four more in the game, that stat looks better. Make em! And Andrew Harrsion, despite being in foul trouble…no assists. We need more from him. Defensively, we need to guard the 3 better.

93-80. Good guys win!

Props to James Young on his dunk in the 2nd half! BEAST!!!!

Credit goes to Belmont for coming into Rupp and playing a hell of game. Scrappy little dudes who had no fear. Fun team to watch with Craig Bradshaw scoring 22 and Drew Windler chipping in 21. Dudes can flat-out hit some 3′s. A very entertaining game.

And the crowd was pretty electric too. For the first time this season, it the upper arena was filled up. Hard to believe. Why so you may ask? No students, which means more tickets are available to the general public. So it’s a good early Christmas gift for the fans that don’t get a chance to go to come and enjoy a game. However, with new fans coming to Rupp, they go nuts. “Gotta get a hotdog. Gotta get a Mt. Dew now! I can’t sit still and watch the game. Excuse me. Excuse me. I’m sorry.”

Stat of the game: 175 trips were made up and down the aisle in the first 8 minutes of the game by fans. That number went well over 200 by the end of the first half. I give up.

But I’m not giving up on the CATS and you shouldn’t either.

Big game next Saturday!

On The 9th Day of Dio, Ronnie Gave Me…

Lock Up the Wolves

Lock Up the Wolves was Dio fifth studio album featuring a new lineup of Dio. Released in 1990, Lock Up the Wolves did not gain much attention on the charts, but has been held in high regard among fan critics. This album is a hodgepodge of all the great sounds that Ronnie incorporated in his previous works, including Elf, Black Sabbath and Rainbow. Recording at 47 years old, RJD’s vocals are very strong and the addition of 18-year-old guitar wiz-kid Rowan Robertson gives the instrumentation and extra punch.

In the Dio discography, it is a much overlooked album, but much appreciated in amongst the fans of DIO!

I mean come on, the artwork is badass!

On The 8th Day of Dio, Ronnie Gave To Me…

Lonely is the Word!

“Lonely is the Word” is featured on Black Sabbath’s nineth album Heaven and Hell. This album was Ronnie James Dio’s first album as the new lead singer of Black Sabbath. And just for fun…it was Ozzy’s wife, Sharon, who introduced Dio and Tony Iommi in 1979. Dio was looking for a new project, and Iommi was looking for a new lead singer.

“Lonely is the Word” is highly regarded as one of the great stoner songs..huh…works for me.

Here is Sabbath as Heaven and Hell performing “Lonely is the Word”.

On the 7th Day of Dio, Ronnie Gave To Me…

Heavy Metal vinyl!

When I say heavy metal, I mean the 1981 movie Heavy Metal. The film was an animation/fantasy movie based on science fiction stories from Heavy Metal magazine. Some fun notes about Heavy Metal, several animation production studios worked on the movie to speed up the process. And who is in Heavy Metal? Eugene Levy, John Candy, and Harold Ramis all lent their voices to the movie.

So what is the Dio connection? The soundtrack. The Heavy Metal soundtrack included cuts from Grand Funk Railroad, Devo, Blue Oyster Cut, Donald Fagan, Cheap Trick, Stevie Nicks, Journey and Black Sabbath. At the time of its production/release, Ronnie James Dio was the lead singer of Black Sabbath. Sabbath’s contribution was a track from their Mob Rules album. The Dio written track, The Mob Rules, was featured in the movie. Mob Ruleswas also Dio’s first album with Black Sabbath.

Here is a partial scene from the movie in which The Mob Rules.

Here is RJD and Heaven and Hell performing The Mob Rules.

On The 6th Day of Dio, Ronnie Gave To Me


Enuff said!

On The Fifth Day of Dio, Ronnie Gave To Me


Holy Diver
is a staple of heavy metal music. It wasn’t only Ronnie James Dio, it was DIO! His band, consisting of Vinne Appice from Black Sabbath, Jimmy Bain and Vivian Campbell. It is Ronnie James Dio at his finest, vocally, musically and mentally. Dio’s writing paints a landscape of irony, hypocrisy, fantasy and contradiction. Holy Diver has been regarded as one of the top 5/10 heavy metal albums of all time.Dio

Oh yeah, the album artwork is pretty damn good too. The evil character, Murray, is Dio’s mascot and has been featured on several Dio albums The two most noted songs on the album “Holy Diver” and “Rainbow in the Dark” have been staples of rock radio for many years.

I know its one of my favorites during the holiday season and it should be one of yours.

On The Fourth Day of Dio, Ronnie Gave To Me…


It’s the holiday season, so throw out that creepy elf on shelf. Ronnie James Dio’s ELF is the only elf you need on your shelf for the holidays! Elf

Elf is where it’s at if you want good Southern Rock and Roll from the seventies. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Molly Hatchet and the Allman Brothers always get mentioned as great Southern Rock Bands, but Elf/The Electric Elves never get mentioned. But you will dig it!

Ronnie formed Elf in 1967. Actually, it was the Electric Elves in 67, the Elves in 68 and Elf in 72. Intertwined boogie woogie, hard southern rock riffs, some laid back rhythms and Ronnie’s amazing vocals, you could almost put Elf somewhere between the Rolling Stones, The Faces and Humble Pie. It was hard-driving rock and roll with pinch of rhythm and blues.

Elf put out three albums: Elf in 1972, Carolina Country Ball in 1974 and Trying to Burn the Sun in 1975.

Elf went out on tour with Deep Purple in the seventies, and eventually Ritchie Blackmore asked Ronnie James Dio to form Rainbow along with other members of Elf.

Enjoy all three albums from Elf! I know I dig em! And there are a few bootlegs out there too! Go find them because it is worth your time! I’ve posted a Chuck Berry cover below, which is outstanding!

On The Third Day of Dio, Ronnie Gave To Me…

On the third day of DIO, Ronnie gave to me…


Heaven and Hell was a newly formed version of Black Sabbath featuring Tommy Iommi, Geezer Butler, Vinnie Appice and Ronnie James Dio. Throwing back to the years together as Black Sabbath (1980-82 and 1991-92), Heaven and Hell recorded three news songs for the Black Sabbath compilation: The Dio Years, and went on tour in 2007-08. Heaven and Hell disbanded following Dio’s death in 2010.

On The Second Day of Dio, Ronnie Gave To Me…

On the second day of DIO, Ronnie gave to me…Ronnie and the Rumblers!

One of Ronnie James Dio’s earliest bands in the late fifties was Ronnie and the Rumblers. Ronnie and the Rumblers eventually changed their name to Ronnie and the Redcaps. The Redcaps released two singles, “Conquest” b/w “Lover” ( an instrumental reminiscent of The Ventures, featuring Dio on trumpet, on the A-side) on the Reb label, and on Seneca (S 178-102, USA), “An Angel Is Missing” with “What’d I Say” on the B-side.

Ronnie made many a great songs throughout his career, but for me, this is what I find cool about Ronnie James Dio.

On The First Day Of Dio, Ronnie Gave To Me

Today starts the Twelve Days of Dio!  Yes, this is when children all around the world sings songs of Ronnie James Dio.  It was such a huge success last year, that we have decided to pay tribute to the GREATEST HEAVY METAL SINGER OF ALL TIME for the holiday season!  Then on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, we will cap it off with the DJ Otis Badass Christmas Classic, The Twelve Days of Dio! On the first day of DIO, RONNIE gave to me….



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