Jay Pharoah ROCKS Comedy Off Broadway!

Just a quick note about Saturday Night Live funny dude JAY PHAROAH.  

Jay played Comedy off Broadway last night in Lexington and was fantastic.  His impressions were spot on as well as his outrageous takes on about damn near everything.  I won't ruin it for you in case you go see him.  But you should!  

Also props to openers Travis Passafiume and  AJ Foster!

Here is Jay giving me the "Who is this crazy honky?" look.

Jay Pharoah


As in the words of Minnie Pearl, "HOWDEEE!"

You are now cruising through the brand new online home of DJ OTIS BADASS!  After being absent for a few years I am back and ready to share all kinds of stuff with you!  Music, Wrestling, Kentucky and Mayhem!

And there are going to be all kinds of stuff to explore while at djotisbadass.com.  Of course you can expect the usual.  Music blog, ramblings, Kentucky Basketball n such.  Also, I will be doing the best I can to give you a weekly podcast.  The Otis BADASS Podcast.  Nice name huh?  Musicians, wrestling, and all kinds of kick ass audio for your entertainment.  In addition to the podcast, I'll be giving you some of the classic DJ Otis Badass/Redneck Rampage Radio from years past.  So old they will be in the archives or the vault.  I have not decided yet!


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I'll be sharing some of my crazy adventures with you through blogging and videos.  I've had a chance to meet some great people over the years and I'll share with you as well.  And there is the wrestling thing too.  A new career path in something I really enjoy.  Announcing and talking wrestling.  Make sure you stay up to date with all the happenings on the Prime Time Wrestling page.  You can also catch some of the PTW matches in the PTW Vault here on the site.  And don't forget to watch the PTW Main Events LIVE on Pericsope. Just search for @djotisbadass on Periscope.



And please check out the Neighbors section of the site.  There are many great people that I surround myself with and they offer a wide variety of personality, merchandise, and entertainment.  Yes they are advertisers, musicians and work associates but most importantly friends.  However, I stand by each and every one of them and I can say in good confidence that you will enjoy what they offer.

Not only is the site chocked full of entertainment, but check out the SERVICES we can provide.  Disc jockey, radio producer, wrestling announcer, voice-overs, media transfers...yeah, I've learned a few things over the years. Multi-media solutions on a budget is what I call it. 

We'll be adding new material within the coming weeks.  Hell, at least we got a start on it!

Enjoy all the mayhem and raise hell with us online because that is exactly what I plan on doing! 

BTW, this website is a work in progress.  Hang in there with me!